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Generating tremors across the surface as its engine roars to life, it exudes class & finesse conquering every terrain. Pray to the new power.

FeaturesSafari Storme was launched in an improved avatar with Tata Motors’ new CONNECTNEXT & DRIVENEXT features. Be prepared to explore the next horizon. Now with power-packed features like best-in-class torque & 6 speed gearbox, the Safari Storme VX is truly Muscled for More! Images of the interiors are representative and are likely to change basis variant selected.

  • safari-storm-fe01
    Advanced 2.2L Varicor Engine with 150 PS Power
  • safari-storm-fe02
    Chrome Stylized Garnish on Bonnet with Strome embossing
  • safari-storm-fe03
    Integrated ConnectNext Infotainment System by Harman
  • safari-storm-fe04
    Stylised Java Black Interiors with Silver Accents
  • safari-storm-fe05
    New multi-function Steering Wheel
  • safari-storm-fe06
    Self-adjusting Clutch
  • safari-storm-fe07
    Advanced 2.2L Varicor 400 Engine with 156 PS Power and 400 Nm Torque
  • safari-storm-fe08
    All new 6 speed manual gear box

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